Subscription Agreement

This agreement is between YOU and US (The Talent Match Group dba Phone List) effective the date YOU sign up or subscribe to the App called “Phone List”.

Phone List app is a database app that stores employee/member names, photos, cell phone numbers, and employment/member info such as department, position, office and allows the user to access the database to view info. Contact can be made via the database phone numbers utilizing the users own cell phone or texting service.

Both parties agree to the following:

1. The monthly fee for Phone List use is $9.99 or $119.88 annually. Appropriate tax will be charged through the subscription or on the invoice and is the responsibility of the customer.

2. Monthly invoices are managed through our subscription service via Zoho and credit card information is managed through a 3rd party finance company /called Stripe. If credit card monthly payments are not possible, Phone List will consider invoicing for annual subscriptions only. Subscriptions can be managed via the customer portal on Zoho. If payment is not received as scheduled, your account will be disabled until payment is received. Annual invoices will be due within 30 days of receipt. If payment is not received within 30 days, access to Phone List will be disabled until payment is made.

3. You can cancel this agreement with or without cause by emailing For monthly service the effective date of cancellation will be the 1st of the following month. For annual subscriptions, the date of cancellation will be the end of the annual agreement period.

4. You have the right to use Phone List but don’t own any part of it and you do not have exclusive rights to it.

5. Only one facility, organization or business entity can use the app-generated phone number and the sharing of the number or login credentials is prohibited. Violation of either can result in cancellation.

6. For questions or to report a “glitch” or “bug”, please contact or call 806-503-4012.

7. Occasional maintenance and improvements to Phone List can occur which could cause Phone List to be offline for a period.

8. The fine print:

  • Phone List requires cell coverage or WIFI service and works best with a smart device. The app cannot be accessed without one of those services. Phone List is not responsible for your cell, data or WIFI coverage. The App Solution may not operate with all operating systems, browsers, and mobile devices.
  • Neither party may assign or transfer its rights in this Agreement without the consent of the other party being first obtained. The intellectual property and proprietary rights are and shall remain the exclusive property of Phone List.
  • Phone List will keep customer’s confidential information in strict confidence.
  • This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Texas, without regard to the conflict of laws provisions thereof.
  • MG or Phone List will not be liable for any damage sustained by Customer for any loss occurring because of any malfunction or failure of third-party products, Customer’s failure to install firewall or virus protection software, or any action, or inaction of Customer, including mishandling of passwords
Our Goal

At Phone List, our goal is to help organizations make their employee or member phone lists easy and convenient. No more need for paper phone lists or chasing down phone numbers. Phone List makes communication simple!


After years of working in an industry with high turnover, we know firsthand how difficult it is to keep up with employee phone numbers. We developed Phone List to make this one part of the job easier.

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