We were literally talking about needing a better solution for our contact list last week. We’re really trying to give our non-agency staff the first opportunity at shifts and this makes it so easy. We can find exactly who we need when we need them. Plus, there are times we need everyone to get the same information at the same time and Phone List makes that a reality by simplifying our communications and preventing people getting left off text chains on accident.



Director of Nursing

I love this app, it’s seriously so great. I like that the list maintains itself with automated messages that employees can respond to on their own. Plus, I really needed an app that I can quickly contact everyone, or just click, click, click on certain people and contact them in an instant. So easy! We set it up in about 5 minutes at the end of our in-service meeting, everyone loves it.




If you’re in business, you already know the struggle with maintaining an employee PhoneList. Especially one that is always at the ready when you need it and allows you to message individually or a group at the door drop of a hat. Super convenient app that helps you maintain communication with employees whenever you need it. I have tested this app and used it to send quick messages when I need answers quick. Check it out! It’s a cost-effective way for any and all business… you’ll wonder how you made it without it.



Chief Operating Officer
Our Goal

At Phone List, our goal is to help organizations make their employee or member phone lists easy and convenient. No more need for paper phone lists or chasing down phone numbers. Phone List makes communication simple!


After years of working in an industry with high turnover, we know firsthand how difficult it is to keep up with employee phone numbers. We developed Phone List to make this one part of the job easier.

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